Wednesday June 13, 2018

Today officially brought Erin's high school career to a close. She finished competing in the state golf tournament this afternoon, and her time as a Mayo Spartan is now over. What a ride it's been.

The last six days have included Erin's open house, graduation, an all night senior party and 36 holes of golf at the state tournament. All exactly as she wanted it.

Her open house brought a steady stream of people from the past and present. Erin's teachers, family and a whole bunch of friends joined us for our backyard barbecue. A testament to Erin's ability to connect with others. That's a skill that will carry her far in this world.

The graduation ceremony was a celebration of a great group of young people we've have the pleasure of getting to know. Erin's class was full of compassionate kids. They cared for each other. The jocks, the nerds, the artists... they were all in it together and supported each other. I have hope for our future when I look at these young people.

The all night senior party is a tradition, put on by the senior parents. I was in charge of the casino, and it was a blast. I even convinced Dan to stay up until midnight to deal some poker. He was in his element, smack talking with Erin's friends.

Then, the cherry on the top was a trip to the state golf tournament. All the hours Erin put in practicing, taking lessons and playing tournaments in the summer paid off with a 5th place finish in the section tournament, earning her a trip to the state tournament. Dan and I were grateful for two more days watching her play the game we all love. Mayo Girls Golf will always hold a special place in our heart. Shannon started our connection with MGG and coach Myhro, and Erin finished it in the best way possible.

And so it ends. Erin is now a college student. Change is ahead for all of us. But we're going to cherish these memories forever. Erin was in sixth grade when Shannon passed away. Dan and I were scared about what her future would hold after our tragedy. How would she navigate our new normal? You done good, kid... you done good.