Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

We are thankful that we were able to bring both our families together and host a Thanksgiving dinner for 21 people. Having Erin home from college was the cherry on top. Sharing food, stories, laughter and memories made for a great day. We thanked those who were with us and remembered those who weren't, including Shannon. And, my biggest fear didn't materialize - I'm happy to report that Gus (now 9 months old) did not trip anyone, knock anyone down or eat anyone's turkey. I guess training was worth every penny.

Erin has been enjoying her time at home, sleeping in her own bed, visiting friends who are home on break and driving her car! She's been getting plenty of love from the pets, too. It's been a great 6 day break at home. She will head back tomorrow for the final 2 weeks of classes and then finals.

Erin said it's so nice to come home and have good things to say about your college choice. I've overheard her telling people that she's definitely in the right place for her, that she likes her major and loves her friends. The transition has been as smooth as possible, which makes the empty nest a little easier on me and Dan.

It is strange to feel like Erin is visiting us, but she really doesn't live here anymore. It sure is nice to get to see her face everyday, even if it's short-lived.

So on we go, barreling towards the end of 2018. I guess I'm ready for Christmas music now...