Monday August 8, 2016

Lake Hubert is a special place to us... Shannon's favorite place and a place full of fun childhood memories of our girls.

When we arrived this weekend, it was a terrible sight - large, 100-year-old pine trees had fallen across the driveway, across the sidewalk blocking the lake view, and on right onto the roof of the old cabin.

Shannon's rock came close to being damaged, but she's still there... we did need to hire professionals to help us dig out...

The pros took care of the big trees and we've spent the weekend cleaning up the smaller trees and branches that we're strewn around the property.

We've had friends up for this first four days of our vacation, and it's been great. The Klees family - Marty, Heather along with their three girls Liz, Kelly and Lauren. Oh, and we added Erin and Liz's best buddy Marcus to the mix, too. The girls all know each other through volleyball and Marcus is the VB manager, so they've been peppering and talking volleyball in between eating, swimming, boating, skiing, tubing, fishing and sleeping. Meanwhile, Marty, Heather Dan and I have been doing a pretty good job of relaxing. Nice all the way around.

It's always fun to show someone new our special place at the lake. We had a rousing game of dock ball today - a volleyball-type made up O'Hara game where the rules can be somewhat subject to interpretation. It's a game that involves arguing and trash talking - perfect for this crowd!


We've reached a new stage at the lake - kids are old enough to go boating or drive into town by themselves. And yet, they still hang with us and talk about life around the campfire.  

I have to say, the best part is seeing Erin so happy. Up here. Again. She loves her friends and she is loved. These friends are some of Erin's safe people. And that makes me love them, too.