Wednesday May 30, 2018

In two weeks, it will all be over: high school, grad party, graduation, all night senior party, HS golf. I am stressing out because there is much to do in the next two weeks, but I'm also trying to enjoy the "lasts" along the way.

We've been doing the grad party scene the last couple of weekends and I'm stealing ideas left and right! I know it doesn't matter what color the tablecloths are or what the centerpieces look like. I'm doing my best to organize some pictures and memorabilia to honor Erin and show where she's been and where she's going. I know it's the people that will make the party. I'm also stressing out about the weather. I know it's irrational, and completely out of my control. But, I seem to think it's my job to worry, so that's what I am doing.

It is a strange time for me and my mom squad friends. We're reaching an end, but it's a beginning, too. A beginning of our kids independence. A signal that it's time to let go, at least a little. It's time for them to "figure it out" without as much help from mom (and dad).

Like every new stage that Erin reaches, it carries extra weight for us. While that's not fair to Erin, it's just how it is. The last time we celebrated a graduation, it was watching Shannon's classmates graduate, looking at her empty chair in the arena. Erin's graduation is a reminder that Shannon didn't get to graduate. I'm carrying her in my mind and my heart as we navigate these days with Erin.

We remember Shannon. We celebrate Erin. We do both at the same time.