April 10, 2020 - Turning (COVID) 19

Today is Erin's nineteenth birthday. We've been joking that she's turning COVID-19 or quaran-nine- teen. This is not exactly how she planned to spend her birthday as we find ourselves in the midst of dozens and dozens of days together as we try to do our part to flatten the coronavirus curve.

We will venture out today to get supplies to make a pasta dinner and pick up her favorite cookie cake. That will have to suffice as a celebration for this year. At least we get to be together.

Erin decided to make the most of her social distancing time by taking a full credit load of 20 credits this quarter. Drexel's distance learning started this past Monday and the quarter system means it's a 10 week sprint until this term ends and the next one begins. Erin's got a color coded calendar to help her keep track of her six classes and stay on top of the deadlines. We all hope this online learning is only necessary for one quarter, so we're crossing our fingers that she can return to Philly this summer.

We are all healthy and and doing our best to give each other space as we all try to live and work under one roof constantly. It's the first time in 20 years that Dan spent a month at home without any travel. 

My work continues to keep me busy and engaged as we tell stories and share information about the pandemic with the public. Talking with infectious disease specialists about the virus is fascinating. Dan and Erin might be getting sick of my daily reports on what I learned about coronaviruses! They are still humoring me... for now...

The happiest member of the household? That would be Gus, who gets multiple walks a day and always and find someone available to scratch his ears and rub his belly.

So tonight, we will celebrate Erin. We're proud of who she is. We're lucky she's ours.