Friday April 26, 2013

When the cat's away...

I just dumped Jen at the curb at RST.  She and three gal pals are flying to Jacksonville FL, jumping in a car and driving up to Jeckyll Island Georgia.  They will play tennis and talk about their husbands for a few days.

Me and Ms. E have a busy weekend ahead  and we are really excited for the first spring warm up.  Temps in the 60's and maybe some 70's are predicted throughout Minnesota this weekend.  I just might have to break out the Shannon O'Hara golf cart.

Erin informed me at breakfast that it would be OK if I played both Saturday and Sunday mornings this weekend.  I think I just may take her up on that.  (I think what she really wants is a sleep-in-Sunday).  It is amazing what the prospect of out-of-doors activity does for one's energy level.

So once I take care of some work today - I might find my way up to the driving range.

Erin has finally been able to hit balls and practice this week with the Mayo Girls Golf Team.  Because of our snowy April, it will be a short season which is a shame because the Spartans have experience and depth.  Basically, it will be a one month sprint to state for Sparty!
Coach Jen and Smiley