Wednesday April 24, 2013

Ah, the sun is showing itself today.  Excellent.  It's still only 30 degrees out there, but we all need some solar therapy, so it's a start.

Yesterday, Dan and I took a walk together on the cold, hard ground.  The wind was whipping and the ground felt cold.  But, we walked and talked and it felt good.

We talked about his work - crazy times in the trucking industry right now.  We talked about my work - I have many events in the month of May related to the launch of the book.  And, of course, we talked about our kids.  Plural.

Then, Dan headed off to a meeting.  His AA meeting held special significance yesterday as he received his chip marking 5 years of sobriety for him.  I couldn't be more proud or more grateful.

This morning, we were remembering that time 5 years ago.  Remembering the pain, remembering the fear, remembering the anger, and remembering the little bits of hope we each had that things could be different.

We had a good life before, but our lives changed for the better.   I always loved Dan, but he became a better man in sobriety.  And, luckily, he's still the same funny, crazy, sensitive guy I fell in love with way back when.

I became a better person, too.  Watching him and supporting him has taught me much about acceptance and about staying in the present.

I remember thinking at that time that this has to be the toughest thing we will ever have to go through as a couple. But, we were resolved to stick together.  And we did.  Maybe going through that together was just training wheels for what was to come...

The lessons we learned about open and honest communication and the things we learned and continue to learn about each other, and ourselves, are making us better.  Those lessons helped Dan and I get through Shannon's illness and her passing.  We are closer now than ever.

Dan and I have an inside joke that marriage is really about finding someone that can deal with your bullshit.  We all have baggage, so you have to find the right person to put up with your particular issues, and it has to be reciprocal, and then you'll be in good shape!

All joking aside, I'm proud of my guy, and feeling grateful today...