Saturday January 4 2013

A bumper sticker sighting this week; "My next life is going to be normal"!

I am feeling grateful this morning.  Can't shake the feeling.  Even though Sunny woke me at 6:15a to poop.  Even though the wind is loud as the impending arctic blasts approaches.  Even though I have to go to North Dakota this week on business (I doubt anyone is going there for pleasure these days).

Our house is cozy.  The coffee is strong.  I have candles burning.  Jen and Erin are still snoozing (with her business done Sunny took my spot next to Jen).  There is not much on the agenda for the next few days.  Our fridge is full of potential.

Two years ago, I would not have thought this possible.  But I am feeling pretty good today.  God bless.