Thursday November 6, 2014

Some positive updates from the O'Hara household:

I had a clear mammogram this week.  Always happy to click another one of those off.  Almost two years have passed now since my lumpectomy.  This is a good thing.

I am happy to report that Sylvie has figured out the whole litter box thing.  Phew.  And Sunny and Sylvie are making peace.  Here's how I found them lying this afternoon:

(Just to be clear, I am not a "cat person".  I am a dog person who owns a cat...)

Today, Erin and I are playing hooky and going to the State Volleyball Tournament to watch Mayo play.  It's been a great season and Erin has enjoyed the ride as the B squad practiced with the varsity kids throughout the year.  Should be a fun day and we're hoping the Spartans can pull an upset today against Eden Prairie.

Go Spartans!