Wednesday November 19, 2014

So, it's official.  Sylvie the cat loves me... damn.  She likes to be where I am - on my desk, on my computer, on my bed, on my chest... last night I had to kick her out and shut the door because I'd had all the loving I could take...

I can't help but be a little sarcastic about owning a cat.  It's an unexpected turn, but she's here to stay.  She actually loves everyone.  And we love her back.  If Sunny can come to terms with it, I guess I can, too.

This November is acting like January and it's making Dan, Erin and me grateful that we planned a Thanksgiving getaway to warmer climates.  We just have to survive the next 6 days and then we're off to Palm Springs.  So, we don't feel we should bitch about sub-zero windchills...but, this is ridiculous!

Erin's in the midst of a busy week as she preps for a debate competition this weekend.  Dan is traveling, of course, and I am in the process of rolling out our first real fundraising campaign for the Shannon O'Hara Foundation.

I've been feeling conflicted about this.  Asking people for money is way out of my comfort zone.  But, this is the business end of running a foundation.  You have to raise money so you can continue to give away scholarships and help donate to brain cancer research.  That's the deal we made when we started this, so now it's on me to keep pushing forward.

So, with the help of SOF board members/friends, we have crafted a letter, compiled a list of names and addresses, and printed up letterhead.  The campaign will roll out right after Thanksgiving.

Part of me thinks it's easier to raise money one $20 t-shirt at a time, but that's not sustainable.  I don't want to be hauling boxes of t-shirts to Graham Arena when I'm 70!  So, I will set aside my emotions as best I can and think like a business person.  Yet another new skill that I must acquire in the "after".  Fake it 'til you make it, right?

OK, I'm getting the signal that it's time to get off my computer.  There's a creature who needs feeding.  Fancy Feast, anyone??