Wednesday January 21, 2015

High school finals are in full swing for Erin.  Biology and reading yesterday, history and English today.  She's liking this schedule - show up for a class, leave when you're done, have an open hour here or there where you don't have to report.  My kid who couldn't wait to get to high school now wants the college life... In due time... as many people have told me, high school will be over in the blink of an eye.

The reward is great for Erin when she gets through finals - she is headed off to see her friend Ariana in L.A tomorrow afternoon.  She and Kula are headed for a little semester break in the sun...

Dan is busy grinding it out at sales meetings in the Twin Cities.  The boys who are in from Tennessee think we're crazy for living here in this climate.  Although, apparently they were impressed with Dan's ability to spin donuts in the parking lot.

I am really finally starting to feel like myself again, so I am also taking a mid semester break and going to visit a friend this weekend.  A little Jen time as my family likes to say.  That means it will just be Dan and his pets for a little staycation on Willow Lane.

But, before we head out, there are preparations to be done for next week.  Monday (1/27) we will be speaking at the Amateur Sports Commission banquet and the SOF will be the recipient of the silent auction money.  I've jotted down some notes, but it's been a while since we spoke in a formal setting. Hopefully, it comes back to me.

Once we get through that, it will be time to prep for the second Shannon Cup weekend and also read through the scholarship applications and start narrowing in on our choices for this year.  Choosing scholarship recipients is an honor we take very seriously.  It matters deeply to us.  I think it's the most difficult and most rewarding thing we do.  We want to get it right.

So, busy days are ahead.  But, first things first - a little break from all the foundation work to head out of town and hang out with friends.  No complaints...