Thursday May 7, 2015

Again yesterday Dan and I played hooky to go watch Erin play golf. It was an invitational at The Jewel - a beautiful course in the bluffs just of the Mississippi river in Lake City, MN.

A couple of the top teams in the state, Red Wing and Lake City, were there, along with Winona who is not far behind. The Mayo Spartans were paired with those top three teams, so it was going to be the best competition of the year.

So, little Miss Erin, playing in the #3 varsity spot, played with two juniors and a senior. The Red Wing and Lake City girls could hit it 100 yards further than Erin could. It was really fun to watch this top level talent play.

Erin, to her credit, held her own, shooting an 88 to tie her personal best. (For perspective, Erin was still high score in her foursome - 79, 80, 86, 88!) Instead of being intimidated, though, Erin embraced the chance to play with these girls. That's what I'm most proud of. And to these girls credit, they treated Erin wonderfully. Such a good thing to see that girls can be competitive and pleasant at the same time.

The Red Wing #3 player, who shot 79, is a multiple sport athlete. Golf is secondary to her best sport - hockey. She is going to play Division 1 hockey at University of MN - Duluth.

Want to talk about a small world? Shannon skated against her back when they were 11 year old girls. I remember the girl from Red Wing who was clearly the best player on the ice. What are the odds that 6 years later, she would be playing golf with Shannon's little sister.

As we walk these beautiful golf courses watching our kid play, Dan and I can't help but wonder if Shannon would have come to love golf, too. She didn't get the chance to find out, but I know she would have worked at it. Wouldn't that have been something if Shannon and Erin had gotten to be a part of Mayo Girls Golf together?

It's just one of those little cracks in my heart.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great day yesterday. Watching Erin was fun. Yes, I thought about Shannon out there on the course, but maybe that's just my way of taking her along for the ride.