Saturday August 15, 2015

This weekend marks the end of summer in a way... volleyball season begins on Monday and school schedule pick up is Wednesday, so plans are under way for the fall season.

Erin continues to make the most of her summer, though, and she's not giving up on it yet. She continues to socialize with her friends. Erin has several friends with driver's licenses and she knows if she can get a ride home, we rarely say no to a social opportunity! It's strange how quickly this new stage has happened...

Erin and I had a busy week doing a bedroom update for her. We painted the walls (grey) and got rid of the "little girls" dresser in favor of a modern closet system. If we can track down the perfect nightstand this weekend, the job will be complete.

E and I discusses how many iterations that room has had. It was Shannon's room when Erin was born. Once Erin moved to a big girl bed, she and Shannon wanted to share the room. We painted it lavender and yellow and eventually we put bunk beds in there. Once Shannon got too old to share with Erin, she moved out and Erin wanted her room baby blue with pink and white polka dot accents. After that, we moved to purple and white with a whiteboard wall. I'm pretty sure that room was a bit bigger before all those layers of paint!

Erin assures me that this is the last update before she goes to college. Yikes...

DanO returned home Thursday in time to have a birthday dinner with friends. 52 looks good on him, in my opinion. His job is crazy busy and he's still traveling every week, but fortunately, he likes what he does.

I, too, am busy with work. I haven't "worked" 30 hours a week in a long time. But, luckily, I also like what I'm doing. It's interesting and engaging work. I'm learning new things every week. I'm getting better at it as I go. These are all really positive things. I'm lucky.

 I'll be glad when we get through this week of volleyball tryouts. Some anxiety for Erin, which means anxiety for me! Gotta have faith that it will all work out as it should.

All in all, life is good...