Tuesday October 20, 2015

More than a week has passed since I had time to write. I guess that's a good thing as life moves along and our jobs and activities keep us going forward.

We made the most of our fall break here in Rochester - volleyball, social events and some R & R filled up our weekend. We had friends over on Saturday night (yes, Dan and I do have friends) and it was fun to laugh... mostly at ourselves and our spouses.

I was reminded again that being around people who are comfortable when Shannon's name comes up is so important. It is our comfort zone, and we just have to be diligent about putting ourselves in the right situations. We are lucky to have so many good people in our lives.

Erin has been burning it at both ends, and it caught up with her yesterday. Home sick, missing school, volleyball and debate practice. She rallied today, and we'll see if she can make it through. This is the last week of the JV volleyball season, and then the focus turns to helping the varsity prepare for the section tournament.

I've been in the midst of organizing the concessions for the Mayo VB Invite that will happen this coming Saturday. Lots of moving parts and hopefully it all comes together and we make some money for the program.

Dan is off traveling again this week... nothing new there! Shake up in his industry is a constant, and his company was bought yesterday. All indications are that Dan's position will remain the same, but certainly some anxiety goes along with the change. Luckily, he's got a super supportive wife...

So, onward we go. We're trying to grind it out from now until Thanksgiving. It's good to have goals.