Memorial Day 2016

It's been a wonderful weekend for us as we prep for the final two weeks of the school year. Our weekend involved:

  • Social outings for Erin each night
  • Dan running a half marathon
  • Graduation open house for Shannon's good friends Anna and Connor
  • Flower pots and landscaping work for Jen
  • Practice round for section golf tournament
  • Group decades project almost complete for Erin (They are still in the basement working on this as I write at 10pm!)
Dan ran his race in a Shannon shirt... hell most of our wardrobes are Shannon gear! He was pleased with his race, but mostly just happy to be done. The Med City marathon signals the end of his training... and the beginning of the "all golf, all the time" season...

Erin played a practice round at Cannon Falls Golf Club today. That's where the section meet will be this Thursday and (hopefully) next Monday.  I hope the girls can play their best when it counts.

The graduation party for Anna and Connor was nice. We like them and their families and it was important to us to be there. Of course, it's poignant, but we were able to remember that it's not about us. Our friends are sensitive to us and that feels good. We had fun... checked that box...

So today, I was planning to watch tennis and surf the web... but rain in Paris canceled the French Open today, so I tackled some planting, replacing a dead bush, trimming, mulching and planting my flower pots. It was a beautiful day and I got to work up a sweat doing some manual labor.

So, a good weekend all around. Sunshine, friends and family... life is good...