Saturday May 21, 2016

Just a quick note today to celebrate the All City Champs... Mayo Girls Golf! Both Varsity and JV brought home the first place hardware. We had two of the top three finishers on the JV and we swept the medals for first, second and third on varsity, with Miss Erin bringing home the bronze.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day made all that much better by those in attendance. My dear friend Kula made her first public appearance since she's endured 16 rounds of chemo. 

The best news all week is that Kula's scans were negative - no signs of cancer meaning the best possible response to treatment so far. While she still has surgery in her future, she was feeling good and up for a walk around the back nine yesterday.

Erin might have had the biggest gallery ever in a high school golf meet: me, Dan, Uncle Mike and Aunt Connie, Kula, Ariana and Ariana's BF Tom all followed Erin yesterday! Oh, it was such fun...

Ariana was a Mayo golfer and watching Erin play brought back so many memories for both Ariana and Kula. They could laugh at me and Dan and our angst over watching Erin play. They've been there, done that. Ariana felt like she was looking in a mirror... Erin's mannerisms closely resemble a younger version of Miss A —the happy walk, the mad walk, playing too fast... it was all flashing back for Kula and Ariana! 

So, a great start to our weekend. Grateful for family and friends who support us. More fun ahead as today it's my turn to play golf. Life is good. Enjoy today...