Friday September 23, 2016

Ah, the life of a high schooler... Up early, up late, always tired, sometimes cranky... and it's only week 3 of the school year!

I tease, but Erin school year is off to a great start. She likes her classes and classmates. She's got a heavy schedule with AP Lit, AP Physics, AP Econ, Honors French and Math Analysis (Pre-calc).

Add to that, student government (affectionately known as Stud Gov), debate team and volleyball... I guess there's a reason she's up at all hours to get everything done.

Erin's JV volleyball team is fun to watch. They are a talented bunch. When your varsity if full of talented players, there's a trickle down effect to JV. Erin gets lots of playing time, which makes the games fun for all of us.

This week, Erin also got to take part in a "Superfan" day.  Each school in the Big 9 Conference got to send a group of student/athletes to meet people from other schools and promote good sportsmanship and school spirit. These students were chosen by coaches to represent Mayo HS.

Next week brings another high school milestone - Homecoming week. There will be dress up days, two home volleyball matches, a coronation pep fest, a parade, the football game and, of course, the dance.

So, the fall days speed by... From where I sit, it all looks fun.