Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life, death and the pursuit of happiness... that has all been a part of our week...

Yesterday Dan, Erin and I attended my uncle's funeral. Yes, of course, funerals are sad, but there was comfort in the family all being together. My mom and her 7 remaining brothers all acting as pall bearers... there is still strength in their numbers.

The eulogy and music performed by our family was beautiful and honest. My uncle Scott gave Dan's eulogy and he didn't gloss over the parts of Dan's life that were difficult - the traumatic brain injury that changed him, and his long battle with bi-polar. Honesty is good. We are who we are, and it's important to own it, flaws and all...

Some of the rituals of funerals and burials I could do without, but the family gathering together to remember is worth it.

After the service, Dan and Erin headed back to Rochester so Erin could catch the bus to her section volleyball game in Lakeville. I stayed on in Faribault to visit, and then rode with my parents to the game.

Dan definitely gets a dad of the year nomination: He drove to Faribault for the funeral, drove Erin 60 miles home - even though from Faribault we were only 20 minutes away from the game site - so that she could ride the bus for potentially the last game of the season. Then, he drove the 70 miles up to the game and met me there.

Erin's volleyball season did end last night. The Mayo Spartans went down to Lakeville North in the section quarterfinals. For the six seniors and three senior managers, the end of a big part of their HS experience.

For Erin's class, the realization that they only have one more year of Mayo Volleyball. As I've said before, volleyball is a part of the "after" in our lives. It was a way for Erin's friends to pick her up and get her involved the year that Shannon passed. And now, we're down to one season left.

Time does keep marching on. Thanks, kids and mom squad, for another great VB season.