Wednesday May 24, 2017

Erin had a goal this golf season - to break 80 for the first time. As Erin explained to her non-golfing friend, you want to get the lowest score you can!

Erin had been breaking 40 in some 9 hole meets, but hadn't been able to "go low" in an 18 hole event. Here in the O'Hara household, you'll hear lots of golf lingo. The three of us are always trying to go low... I'm afraid my days of glory (if I ever had them) have passed me by. Dan and Erin are both better than me now.

On Monday, Dan walked and watched Erin in the Jewel Invite in Lake City. She played some really good golf, but had a couple tough holes at the end and finished with 82. Still, her best score of the year.

Until yesterday. In the Big Nine Conference meet at Mississippi National in Red Wing, Erin shot a career best 77, including a one over par back nine. The MGG team had it's best ever day under coach Myhro shooting 333, and finishing ahead of Winona and Northfield, two teams we lost to during the regular season. MGG finished second as a team behind state champion Red Wing.

It was my turn to walk and watch Erin yesterday. It sprinkled and rained most of the day, but neither of us cared.

People ask me "Do you watch a golf meet?" If you're like me and Dan, yes. There is nothing more enjoyable - and nerve wracking - than walking along for 18 holes and watching Erin play. I got a little melancholy yesterday thinking there's only one more year in Erin's high school career.

All that's left of this golf season is the Section Tournament starting June 1st. But, we've got some ground to cover before then...

Dan left yesterday for a 9 day tour of Michigan: Work, then play, then more work. After this week's work is done, he has a guy's golf weekend at a Michigan resort with a championship golf course. Then, to make the most of his time, he will stay in Michigan early next week to see customers again. 9 days is a long time to be away from home, even for a traveling salesman. I hope he packed enough underwear...

There are just eight school days left for Erin and then finals. She's got two physics projects, a Human Geography final project, and AP Literature final project and then exams in Math, French, and Physics. Oh, and she misses two of those 8 days for the section golf tournament!

Junior year is a crusher for kids, so I'm hoping she can make it to the end relatively unscathed. She's close.

Erin's got a summer job lined up working at The First Tee, teaching kids golf lessons. She's got a full slate of volleyball and golf laid out for the summer as well. We talked about senior pictures and college applications and... uff da... I need to stop. One thing - one day - at a time.

As for me, I'm just doing my thing... working and running the homestead as best I can. Everybody's happy so that means, I'm happy, too. It's a mother's role. And I'm OK with that.