Monday August 20,2012

We laughed a lot yesterday.

We laughed over coffee with a friend, we laughed on the golf course, and we laughed over dinner with family.  If you had told me on April 15th of 2011 or on January 6th of 2012 that this is how I would feel on August 19th, well, I probably would have said "bullshit, there's no way".  And yet, here we are...

We can feel joy, and we can see the good that's here, right now.

I guess you never know how you will react to a situation until it happens.  We're not perfect, and yes, sometimes we struggle.

But, given the options we have in front of us, we try and choose to see the good, to feel the joy whenever we can.  Erin, too.  That kid is happy.  Yes, she misses her sister and sometimes she is mad and sad and curses the universe.  Me, too.  But, Erin also seeks joy, and often finds it.  Me, too.

Life is short, so we better enjoy what we've got.  Living in the present, seeing the good that's right here, right now.