Thursday August 9, 2012

Tonight's run took me through the college campus of Vanderbilt University, a campus I think could easily be described as elegant.  When I'm in college towns I enjoy running on campus'.  The scenery is usually strong.

In Nashville this week for meetings at HQ, I have enjoyed running on the Vandy grounds, then back to the hotel past the countless recording studios on Music Row returning to the West End.  Lovely part of the city.

Also, ran past the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Children's Hospital and an office with a sign that read; "Clinical Trial Records".  It occurred to me that a Shannon O'Hara story was unfolding somewhere everyday.

I had some really intense Shannon dreams this week.  But the funny thing, or should I say, the odd thing about them; they took place and I knew she was the main character in them but she was already gone.  I can't describe the sensation, but when I woke I felt like she was close but she was gone.

I described the dream to a friend who has experienced the loss of a child and her response was "sucks, don't it."  Some kind of support group, huh?  Actually, she's right.  There's no sugar coating it.

I have been crankin' up the hotel points these past couple weeks.  Jen and Erin are getting away to the Harkins'/Davies Family cabin in Wisconsin while I'm down here in Tennnesee.  We will see each other again on Saturday night in Rochester.  I'm missing that Smiley kid.  And her Mom.

Next week I will be in Michigan.  On a roll professionally.  Momentum going so why the hell heck not ride it out.

Train has a song I recommend you load...came up on my shuffle tonight...

For Me It's You

Give it away, give it away, give it away

If it's something that you got layin' round your house

Man let me tell ya if ain't a kiss
It's something you'll never miss 
Give it to somebody that don't have a thing layin' round like a prayer or a sweet sound
Give it if you've got it
Get it if you don't

Take my hand in the meantime
Let's walk into the sunshine
Everybody got something that they want to sing about, laugh about, cry about
It's true 
For me it's you