Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can feel the calendar creeping towards fall, but the weather outside tells a different story.  A late August heat wave is pushing the temps into the 90's these next few days.  While it feels like summer, we know that September is just days away.

There's a part of me that just wants to get this "year of firsts" behind me.  This week, I can't help but think back to last year at this time.  Shannon's late August MRI last year showed us the significant shrinkage of the tumor and she was ready to go to 8th grade.  We met with her teachers and told them it was all systems go for a great year at Willow Creek.  She was playing soccer and skating and ... well, I just wish my mind didn't play the "a year ago at this time" game because it's difficult to believe where we were just one year ago.  Shannon was here and she was doing everything she set out to do...

But, time doesn't stop, so here we are coming up on the Labor Day weekend that marks the end of another summer.  

Erin is holding on to these last few summer days - still sleeping in - but she will be ready to go on Tuesday.  She has had a lot of freedom this summer, often staying up much later than me and Dan.  But, she knows the end is near.  In fact, she even managed to read a book over these past couple of days!  (I hope her English teacher isn't reading this...)

Fall also starts the new session of tennis lessons at the Rochester Athletic Club and I've decided to teach a couple of classes again.  I haven't been on the schedule since November, but they want me back, so I will teach a few hours a week and see how it goes.  It's probably a good idea for me to have somewhere I need to be, at least a couple of days a week.  Starting Tuesday, Erin will leave the house at 6:50am and return from volleyball at 6:15pm and Dan will be on the road, and I'll suddenly have a lot of time on my hands!

So, teaching a little tennis again is part of my plan.  As for the rest of my plan, well, I'm still working on it ...

I've been listening to a lot of music this past week.  Some different artists have been keeping me company -  James Morrison, Imagine Dragons, Ben Rector.  I came across a song I had never heard before by an artist named Carlos Bertonatti.  His song, The Little Things, struck a cord with me this week:

My experience tells me the river flows 
From North to South with an undertow
And 20 million people sing
Hallelujah to all kinds of things
And I still don't know
Just where we're gonna go...

If life has taught me anything 
It's all about the little things, oh yeah...