Monday September 24, 2012

We are getting used to life without Shannon - and that sucks.  Acceptance is hard.  Sometimes it just smacks you in the mouth. That's what happened to me.  Today I just don't want to accept that this is our life.

I recognized that we had a good weekend with Erin - who is so much fun to be around.  We had a fun morning as we shared breakfast and she headed off to school.  We negotiated a relatively painless dinner plan with spaghetti winning out over tacos.

I keep thinking she is doing great.  She's still Smiley, alright.  And then, I realized she's getting used to being an only child.

Jen and I are working really hard to make sure her life is fun.  Erin is not real comfortable with the bright spotlight we focus on her.  She sort-of jokes that Jen is a "helicopter" mom.  Which Jen replies "I am your Mom and you are 11".  That's easy to forget.

But we are giving her everything we've got and trying to save some for each other too.

So I just felt like taking a few sentences to recognize that we are settling into a routine; I work, Erin goes to school, Jen works on her stuff, it's the weekend, and then we do it all over again.  Without Shannon.
Erin and Shannon St. Patrick's Day 2010