Wednesday September 12, 2012

I am posting tonight from Lansing Michigan.  I had a so-so business day but I am happy and content sitting in my hotel room watching White Sox v Tigers.  I fly home Thursday afternoon.

The highlight of my trip was a run this afternoon on the campus of Michigan State University.  There is something magical being on a college campus in the fall.  Even more so on Notre Dame week.  I ran around the tarped off football practice field (these guys are so paranoid that a spy is stealing plays) and could hear the crunch of pads, the compression of punted footballs and coach's whistle.  Although, I doubt Mark Dantonio blows one.

Around the tennis complex, past field hockey practice and around the Breslin Center where a statue of Magic Johnson directs traffic. Past dorms and around the Education Building I followed the sound of the marching band and found them rehearsing their routine for Saturday night.  The big sound of a large and tight marching band makes me smile.  (If you want to win a bet as you are watching Saturday night they will be playing The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling and Dancing Queen from Abba).

It's impossible not to pull energy from that atmosphere.  My run was a piece of cake.  It's also hard not to look around that campus and be grateful for all we have in this country.  We are privileged.  I just hope we can afford it by the time Erin gets there.  She tells us she wants to go to Columbia like cousin Grace.  Yikes.  I better have a better business day tomorrow.  LOL.