Friday June 7, 2013

Celebrate the days you thrive and the ones you survive...finding the beauty of both the tears and laughter along the way.  Jodi Hills

Ms Erin is sleeping in.  Its the first day of summer vacation.  So Jen and I tiptoe around the house this morning.  Actually, Jen is out-the-door to go play some tennis.  I am getting ready to dive into some office work.

Rumor has it the clouds will give way to sunshine sometime this afternoon.  Then maybe we can get on with summer.  For our outstate, blog stalkers; our spring has contained all four seasons.  But for the last 10 days or so, Rochester MN has been doing it's best Seattle.

We attended the Rochester Mayo HS Girls Golf banquet last night and we enjoyed tears and laughter along the way.  When Coach Myhro called up the 9th graders for recognition I couldn't help but notice Shannon O'Hara was missing.  These were her classmates, her buddies.  And while that was a gut shot the night's big honor warmed our hearts.  The Shannon the Cannon award goes to Megan Greseth - one of Shannon's best friends.
Megatron wins the Shannon the Cannon award

The tears flowed for many of us - but there is beauty in those tears.

Erin enjoyed participating in the banquet, she too loves being part of a team.  If we can get her out on the course to work on her game this summer, she will be a factor on next season's Spartan squad.

All this happening on the 6th day of June - we have survived 17 months without Shannon.