Friday September 13, 2013

It is a gorgeous day in Rochester and our spirits are high.  Good things are happening around here, and we've got an exciting weekend ahead.

Dan made it home from Michigan last night in time to get to Erin's volleyball game.  The Spartans were taking on crosstown rival JM and it went to a third game before Mayo pulled out the victory.

Sure, winning is nice, but more importantly, Miss Erin has found a sport she loves.  She was thrust into being a setter this year - a position she has never played before - and it's turning out to be a really good fit.  For the first time, Erin is an integral part of her team.  She is a leader out there on the floor, and it's her responsibility to set up the hitters.  When it works and they get a kill (technical volleyball term), the look on Erin's face is priceless.  It usually looks something like this:

For me and Dan, it's not about playing a sport, it's not about winning, it's about the pure joy it brings our daughter.  She deserves that.  She had a whole slew of people there last night to watch her play.  I think she deserves that, too.

From here on out they have games every Tuesday and Thursday along with a couple of Saturday tournaments.  That should make September and October fly by quickly...

This weekend is going to fly by as well.  Tomorrow morning I am off to Minneapolis to do a TV interview on KARE 11's Saturday Morning show with Belinda Jensen.  (I need to wait until Erin gets home from volleyball before I can decide what to wear...)  If you get KARE 11, I'll be on around 8:15am to talk about Determined to Matter and the Shannon O'Hara Foundation.  If you don't get KARE, you can find it posted online after the show.

Then on Sunday, Erin and I are volunteering at the Join the Journey Annual Walk, which supports breast cancer awareness in our community and supports those individuals who are on their own breast cancer journey.  I'll be out there wearing my survivor shirt, with Erin by my side.    

It's crazy to think about the things that are a part of us now that Shannon never knew.  Breast cancer, volleyball... those are a part of the after.  

But, as I sit here to write, the after isn't so bad.  The sun is shining, life is moving along, we are healthy and finding happiness...