Sunday November 3, 2013

Exciting day for the Mayo Spartans yesterday as the volleyball team qualified for the state tournament.  Erin and the rest of the C squad and B squad were out in force, cheering the varsity on in a thrilling 5 game win over Owatonna.

Erin knows all these girls now from practicing with them throughout the year.  It's fun to see how excited she was for them and how connected she feels to this program now.  It's her thing, for sure.  She's also very happy for her buddy, Lexie, who will be a part of the state tournament squad as an 8th grader.

Shannon's buddies were all there, too, cheering on their classmates.  More memories being made without our dear girl.  There are a few sophomores on the varsity, and one of them, Anna, is a part of the famous pyramid picture.  It struck me yesterday that we always refer to her as "Shannon's friend Anna".

The other day at practice, it was Anna's job to block the setter's attempt, and Erin found herself matched up against Anna, a.k.a Bomber.  Erin vs. Bomber is not a fair fight.  After Anna stuffed it in Erin's face, Erin looked up - way up - and responded with a dry witted retort:  "Good one, Bombs."  Erin's levity made the coaches laugh.

Erin and Bomber continued to razz each other - Erin standing on a box, pretending to be Anna and Anna crouching as low as she could go, pretending to be Erin.  Too funny.

So Thursday we will be off to the state tournament to root the Spartans on.  We will be cheering for all the girls, including "Shannon's friend Anna".

It might be time to start calling her Erin's friend, too...