Tuesday November 26, 2013

Just in from a brisk hike around Willow Creek Reservoir with my BFF Sunny the Wonderdog.  According to my weather app it is 19 degrees with a north wind at 12-15.  A nice cup of hot tea and I am ready to lay down some thoughts.

Sunny operates at peak efficiency in these conditions; her shepherd, collie pedigree keeps her plenty warm - heck - she pants.  When it is hot she lags behind on the hike.  But not tonight; her senses were on high alert with a tail wagging high in the evening sky.  She even helped me notice the bald eagle pairing watching over the open water and the fresh food in the creek on the 16th at Willow Creek GC.  I said hi to Shannon. The eagles just stared back at me.

The reservoir is mostly enclosed by ice, except for about a one acre patch of open water.  At dusk, Canadian geese from all over the county gather in this opening.  Must have been a thousand of em' packed into that open water.  It was cool watching them glide in and land with the sunset in the back ground.  Happy hour for geese.

I am home on this Tuesday night; working from the office this week as most customers are not interested in a visit from their favorite sales guy on this short holiday week.  Home sweet home.

It's a short week for Ms. Erin too.  The Thanksgiving break has started for her.   I will chauffeur Erin and her friends to the movie theater - check that - I will drop them at the movie theater.  I'm not invited.  The girls will take in the latest adventures of Ms Katniss Everdeen.  Then, they will have a sleepover because that is what 8th grade girls do.

A friend flagged me down at the health club Monday.  She was excited to tell me her daughter plays on the Rochester Rebel U12 girls hockey team this season.  She told me the girls are proud as punch to be linked to Shannon's final team.  She said her daughter owns every Shannon shirt we've sold and wears the black workout shirt under her hockey gear every chance she gets.  It struck me that this next generation of Rochester hockey players are going to carry on in Shannon's memory - it's happening.  That made my day, made my week.

Music has been working for me again over the past month or so.  I have satellite radio in my car and found a Classic Vinyl channel that makes Erin roll her eyes.  For me, music is all about a time and a place and a space in life.  Listening to old Neil Young, Bob Seger and Jackson Browne even inspired me to call a friend from a space in life a long time ago.  Took a chance.  It was way worth it.

As I write tonight I am listening to Eric Hutchinson;  I have to recommend a download of the ballad Breakdown More. Personally, I think E Hutch's 2012 release Moving Up Living Down is a must for your collection.

That's all for now.  Good to be back with ya.  I think I will take my other BFF - Ms. Jen AKA Wifey - to see Captain Phillips (of course, for Erin's dignity we will go to the other theater in town). 

Life is good.  Much to be thankful for.
Home sweet home