Saturday December 21, 2013

We are celebrating Harkins family Christmas this weekend here at our house.  Grandma and Papa flew in from Nevada earlier this week, and Eric, Jen, Laurynn and Jack arrived in Rochester last night.

While Eric and Jen went out with friends last night, the rest of us spent the evening decorating Christmas cookies.  Everybody got in on the act, trying to be more artistic than the next person.  Frosting, sprinkles and commentary were used in abundance!

Erin, the Queen of the Selfie, captured the moment:

Today we will be hiking, sledding, opening presents, and eating prime rib.  It feels good to be together.  

Shannon is not forgotten, and we shared some memories last night.  That feels good, too.  As we make new memories, we pull her spirit along with us into the now.  She is here with us, helping all of us carry on...