Sunday December 29, 2013

We've spent the past three days checking out the holiday basketball tournament here in town.  It's been a good activity for us and kept us on the move.  Erin got to hang out with friends at the arena, and so did we.  It's fun to see how connected Erin feels to the Mayo Spartan community.  Truth be told, Dan and I feel pretty connected, too.  

Now, we are ready to hunker down for the next few days at home.  Our coldest temps of the year are on their way and we plan to avoid feeling that arctic air as much as possible!  Overnight low tonight is predicted at -18 actual temperature.  Erin asked us yesterday, "Explain to me why we live here, again?"

The Christmas holiday is behind us now, and I have to say, we not only survived, but managed to enjoy ourselves.  It was a good mix of large gatherings and small groups.  Time to enjoy each other, and some time to ourselves.  Although we felt some sorrow, we felt some joy, too.

At my bereavement support group the other night we talked about making new traditions and changing up what's always been.  The same things that worked in the before may not work in the after.

This year we lit a candle for Shannon everywhere we went.  We talked about her often.  I don't know that we settled on any new tradition, but we got through Christmas, 2013.