Saturday July 11, 2014

How has another week flown by?  I hate it when the good stuff goes by really fast.

I have had a really positive week on the work front.  New projects are ramping up and that means more hours for me.  Heck, yesterday I had work meetings from 10 until 3.  Almost like a real person!

Seriously, though, I am enjoying being engaged and working with our team of people.  It's such a good fit for me in my life right now, that I hesitate to talk about it because I don't want to jinx it.

Erin had a good week, too.  Lots of volleyball open gyms, a golf tournament, and a day of biking to get her where she needed to go because her taxi driver - I mean mom - was not available.  (Just to be clear, my lack of availability on this particular day was not work related, but golfing with my friends related!)

Dan's week was not perfect - he's been struggling with an earache ever since wake boarding last weekend.  No infection, just water and pressure that makes his head hurt.  Hopefully things pop this weekend as he is prepping to fly to Nashville on Monday for a week long sales meeting.

On Thursday, Erin and I played golf with Erin's teammate - and Shannon's friend - Megan. Shannon loved Megan and once referred to her as "my quirky friend".  I only say that because I think Megan would take it as a compliment.

It is heartwarming and gut wrenching to see Shannon's friends growing up.  They are all driving. Some have boyfriends.  They are juniors now.  Unbelievable.

Despite the fact it's sometimes painful, I'm glad we've chosen to stay in touch and connected with those girls that were there for Shannon on her journey.  They remind us of Shannon, and we like that.

Hanging out with Megan was fun for all of us.  Dan got home in time to join us for the back nine, and we laughed a lot.  There was nothing gut wrenching about this interaction.  I just have to believe that Shannon is smiling down on her quirky friend, happy to see her hanging with Erin, laughing with us, and growing up.

Shannon is front and center in my mind as we continue preparations for the Mayo Girls Golf Swing for Shannon event coming up on Monday, July 21st.  When I wasn't working or golfing this week, I was working on this event.  It's a chance for us to give back and raise funds for MGG and the SOF.  Our event is bigger and hopefully better this year than last.

I have to believe Shannon is smiling about that, too.