Sunday July 20, 2014

This morning involves coffee, toast, and the British Open.  Watching golf makes us want to play golf.   Luckily, that's our plan for the afternoon.

Golf has been on our brains with our MGG Swings for Shannon event coming up tomorrow.  Lots of preparations this week: 80 some raffle prizes collected, 50 tee signs printed, 28 teams registered, new SOF visors and t-shirts ready to go.  We've had a lot of help from great volunteers, and we're looking forward to a special day.

Shannon has been on our minds, too.  Almost everyone who is signed up for our golf event has some connection to our journey.  Many of them knew Shannon personally.  Those who didn't, know her story:  there's the eye doc who helped us find her diagnosis, there's the parents of one of our scholarship winners, there are foursomes filled with our family and friends...  The support is amazing, and it helps us to carry on.

July is Shannon's month.  We are just 9 days away from what should have been her 16th birthday. Shannon and her friend Anna share a birthday week.  In fact, tomorrow Anna turns sweet 16. Anna and Shannon had plans to always celebrate their birthdays together.

Anna was up north this week, and she made a stop at the O'Hara cabin to keep her promise to her friend...