Thursday August 14, 2014

Life is good for team O'Hara right now.  A quick synopsis:

Dan turned 51 yesterday.  He celebrated by working in Flint, MI.  Nothing but glamour out there on the road.

 I celebrated his birthday by flying to visit my friend, Teri, and then heading down to Cincinnati for the pro tennis tournament taking place there. We have three days of watching our favorite players.  We've already seen a little bit of Federer and we will get to his full match tonight.  We'll also get to see Rochester's own Eric Butorac play doubles tonight against the Bryan Brothers.  We''re just about to head over to the courts for 10 hours of live tennis.  Its shaping up to be a good day.

Erin has had a good week, too.  She had schedule pick up on Tuesday, so now it seems really official:  she is a high schooler.  Wow, how did that happen?  This week also brought volleyball tryouts which are now complete and Erin landed right where she'd hoped - she made the B squad this year as a setter.  Perfect.

I was feeling a little guilty about leaving town during the tryouts, but Erin handled the pressure fine, even without her mom around.  Good for both of us.  (It helped that she is staying with her "second mom", Kula.  No matter what happened at tryouts, Erin was in good hands!)

So, a successful week. Things are falling into place for a good fall for Erin.  Dan is busy and engaged in his work.  And me, well, I am on vacation doing something I love with a dear friend.

No complaints from here...