Sunday October 26, 2014

Another beautiful fall day is upon us.  The colors have been so vivid this fall that you can't help but take notice.  The amazing beauty around us reminds us to take stock of all that is good right here, right now.

We took full advantage of our first free Saturday in a long time yesterday by catching up with the Minny Os.  Watching the Gopher football game on TV, and walking along the Mississippi river in St. Paul.  The impromptu gathering managed to bring together aunts, uncles, cousins, and Grandma and Grandpa O.  There is no such thing as a small gathering!  Ed will turn 91 this week, so it was a good excuse to get together.

Erin enjoyed talking with her cousins - one in college,  one post college, and one young mother.  I think she strives to be like each of them some day.  A big bonus for Erin was some time to play with cousin Ollie (Erin's first cousin once-removed... I have to look that up every time!)  Ollie is a good natured one year old - curious and smiley.  If he can tolerate the noise level of an O'Hara gathering, he's in good shape.

So, a little time to reconnect with family was good for all of us.  Warm temps and sunshine didn't hurt either.  Life is good.