Tuesday October 28, 2014

Ahh, sometimes life is crazy and things you don't expect happen.  As I write, our kitten is on my lap.

Yes, it seems that we are now the proud (?) owners of a malnourished 5-week-old alley cat with an upper respiratory infection.  WTF??

Here's the story:  while playing golf on Sunday, Dan came across an abandoned kitty, full of burrs, sitting in the parking lot, shivering.  What to do?  Well, bring it home for Erin, of course.  Erin named her Sylvie.

And just like that, we became cat owners.  After a text to the vet, we were off to PetSmart for some cat shopping.  $121 later, we were ready to feed and bathe our kitty.  Did you know you can buy kitten milk replacement for those kittens whose mothers abandoned them?  Me neither! Apparently you also need a scratching post and a litter box from the Martha Stewart Collection and a food dish that says "Catch of the Day".

Sunny is a little skeptical of this interloper, but she's doing her best to be tolerant... Sylvie already thinks Sunny is the cat's meow... let's just say it's a developing relationship.  I hope Sunny doesn't mistake Sylvie for a chipmunk.  She's killed a couple of those here recently.  It's going to be fine, right?

I love dogs, but I don't do cats.  At least, I never have.  But what do you do with an abandoned kitty once you bring it home?  It's all over, right?  I mean, we're invested now...  Erin's wanted a second pet around the house, so here we go.

Since we are apparently keeping this cat, yesterday it was off to the vet for eye drops and antibiotics to help Sylvie fight off the cold she developed while sleeping outside for the first 5 weeks of her life.  $156 later, Sylvie is on the mend.  She is a sweet kitty and yes, Dan can say he saved a life.

So, I rushed home from playing tennis today to feed the cat and give her meds.  She's currently in the bathroom with the shower running.  A little kitty steam room to try and clear her respiratory system.  A couple of times a day.  Uff da, I fear I have fallen down the rabbit hole... I sent a picture of Sylvie via text to Erin at school.  Yes, I am turning into that lady, the one who takes pictures of her cat.  For example:

So, a new development at Casa O'Hara to say the least.  People tell me cats are easy and fun to have around the house.  I am taking care of nursing Sylvie to health, but I am reserving judgement.  At least until she proves that she can learn to poop in the litter box.  Then, we can be friends...