Friday April 17, 2015

We survived another April 15th. Memories of Shannon stayed with us throughout the day.

Dan arranged his travels so he could swing by Lake Hubert in the evening and visit Shannon's rock.
He watched the sun set, while the loons and a baby eagle kept him company. He told me he was at peace...

Back to real life yesterday as Erin had her first away golf meet. The Mayo Spartans headed to The Bridges in Winona for a dual meet. It's a tough course against a good team.

Dan was also able to arrange his travels to be in Winona for the afternoon yesterday. He walked all 18 holes with Erin, watching her make a birdie (Erin said is was a really legit birdie :) and some pars along the way.

Erin shot 96 - reaching her set goal of breaking 100. She had the second best score on her team yesterday. Fun for her to see her hard work paying off - her round yesterday was 29 shots better than she shot last year on that course...

Dan was giving me the hole by hole breakdown via text which was really fun. He loved watching Erin compete. Dan said Wednesday was all about Shannon for him, and yesterday was all about Erin, and that felt good.

So, today we are getting organized to head out for the weekend. After golf practice, we'll load up the car and head to the Wisconsin Dells for a two day volleyball tournament - Diggin' in the Dells. 

Erin will play volleyball all morning tomorrow and then have the afternoon off before playing all day on Sunday. Last year the moms embarrassed their children by doing all the waterslides at the waterpark. We are determined to do so again this year. I think the moms (and dads) are looking forward to it as much as the kids!

April is flying by. And so it goes...