Wednesday April 8, 2015

Well, the golf season got underway yesterday... sort of...

Erin and her Mayo Spartans bundled up and hit the driving range, warming up for the Stewartville Invitational.  The 1:00pm shotgun start began in 41 degree weather with a blustery east wind at 15 miles an hour, making it feel like 36 degrees.

Golfing when there's a registered windchill is a challenge. Stocking caps and hand warmers were necessary, but Miss E was pumped and ready to go.

8 holes into the event, the weather horn sounded and the course was cleared.  A thunderstorm was on the way. Since when does it thunderstorm when it's 36 degrees?? Rain, thunder, and even hail made the course unplayable.

So, we will try again next week.  Meets are scheduled for Monday and Thursday, and hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate!