Monday January 4, 2016

Today it's back to our routines... nothing like jumping right in with BLAST class this morning from 7:45-8:30. Our trainer, Kyle, walked in and said, "Good morning. This is going to suck." He said it with a smile...

Kyle decided that in order to burn more calories, we needed to do activities that we aren't the most efficient at. That meant burpees, bear crawls, and the dreaded weighted sled push. I really do hate the f&*$!@ thing... But, during one of the three reps today, I was able to push it down and back without falling to my knees... believe it or not, that's progress.

Dan and I love our BLAST class buddies - we are literally all in this together. Today, Kula and Ariana joined us. Kula is prepping for chemo #3 tomorrow, but I'll be damned if she didn't push that sled. Ah perspective, right? Seeing Kula do it helped me keep my whining to a minimum.

Ariana heads back to school in California on Wednesday. I know this will be hard for her. She's been by her mom's side as this cancer journey began. I told Ariana, the best thing she can do for her mom is keep plugging away at school. That's what all us moms want, right? For our kids to go and do and become who they are suppose to be. Cancer or not, that's a mom's dream...

Erin managed to get up and out the door without too much grumbling today. She has a busy day with school, drivers ed and then her first practice of the winter volleyball season. She's certainly not easing into it!

Dan and I are both working this morning, I will teach tennis this afternoon, and then Dan hits the road again tomorrow. This is day 18 of us both being home... all day... together. Let's just say we're both looking forward to his trip to Fargo tomorrow...

As I flipped the calendar over to January, lots of Shannon events pop up. Of course, this week brings the anniversary of her passing, but starting next week, we have events the rest of the month to raise money for the foundation in the hopes that Shannon's wish comes true.

"My life is going to mean something, to someone, somewhere."

So here is what's on tap the rest of the month:

Thursday Jan. 14th - SOF night at HS Girls Hockey at Graham Arena
We will be on hand to sell merchandise and have an on ice presentation with the three HS girls       teams in town. This is Shannon's senior class, so it will be special. First game starts at 5:30pm.

Friday-Sunday Jan. 15-17 - Shannon Cup Weekend for 15A & 14B Girls
You can find us at Graham Arena watching the Rochester teams compete. Merchandise will be for sale all day on Saturday Jan. 16.

Monday Jan. 25 - Rochester Amateur Sports Commission Annual Sports Banquet
This is a great event and Dan and I will speak on behalf of the SOF, which will receive the proceeds from the silent auction items. Last year the silent auction raised $9000 for our foundation.

Scott Hamilton, Olympic gold medalist and brain tumor survivor is the featured speaker. If you have any sports memorabilia you'd like to donate, please contact me: If you'd like to attend the banquet, tickets are available through the RASC website:

Friday-Sunday Jan. 29-31 - Shannon Cup Weekend for 10A, 10B, 12A & 12B girls
Again, merchandise will be for sale all day Saturday Jan. 30.

So, just like that, the new year begins. We forge ahead...