Tuesday January 26, 2016

Eight days have passed since I last had a chance to blog... So much activity in our lives during this month of January!

The last week has brought us senior day at the Mayo Girls Hockey game, a 90th birthday party for Dan's mother and a speaking engagement at last night's Rochester Amateur Sports Commission's annual banquet. In between all that, preparations for this weekend's Shannon Cup, Erin prepping for finals, and Dan with a busy travel schedule. Nothing like speaking to a room of 600 people last night, and then jumping on a plane at 5:30am for Detroit...

The Mayo Girl's hockey program has been so kind to us this season. They invited us to participate in their senior day, where each senior and their parents were recognized. Erin was willing to stand in for Shannon. We were grateful to be included.

Tess O'Hara's 90th birthday party was a happy occasion with her surrounded by her nine children.  Oh, the sheer volume that is created when they are all together... I can't even describe it. It rivals and rock concert you've ever been to, but only if all the band members were singing at once. This picture is not a good representation of the event:


All kidding aside, the room was quiet as Tess gave a little speech about the things that have brought her family together. First was the cabin. Lake Hubert has been a part of the family legacy since Ed starting going there as a child and Tess has so many good memories of her own children at the lake.

Then she talked about her kids finding spouses and starting families. Kids became couples and couples became families. She's lived to see three great grandchildren be born, and another three are on the way!

Finally, Tess spoke about the loss of Shannon. Family in a time of tragedy can rise to the occasion or fall apart. I'm grateful the O'Haras were - and still are - up to the task. Tess talks to her angel Shannon and feels she is with her in spirit. Amen.

I'm lucky to have my family along on this journey, too. My brother drove down last night to be a part of the banquet and to hear us speak. My friend, Kula, was there, too, along with our other board members. We couldn't do it all without their support.

So, we've reached the end of January. Many Shannon events behind us now, but still three weeks to go: Shannon Cup, SOF Board of Directors meeting and finally, Scholarship Day on February 13th.

I think I can, I think I can...