Saturday January 9, 2016

Our first blast of arctic air has arrived... 9 degrees in Roch this morning and the temp is headed even lower tomorrow. Just in time for an outdoor playoff football game for our Vikings. I will be watching from the warm comfort of my basement!

Today, I was all set to sit on my ass and drink coffee in my pajamas all morning when a text came from Kula asking if I wanted to walk around the track indoors for some exercise. I immediately said no, I just wanted to rest. But, with a little cajoling from my husband I got off my ass and went to walk. Good decision. If Kula asks, I should be there...

Kula shaved her head yesterday. Her hair was falling out quickly, and she was ready. Dan and I visited with her in the afternoon before she shaved it, and we checked out her various hats, scarves and her wig. Then, once her hairdresser worked her magic, Kula sent us a picture of her smiling with her beautiful, bald head. She looks good.

This is a whole new normal for her and for me to figure out how to support her. When the supporter becomes the supportee and vice versa, it takes a bit to find our bearings. I hope to be there to walk with her when she's up to it, and to sit by her side when she's not.

Don't get me wrong, Kula is doing great and tolerating her treatment well to this point. She's a healthy lady... except for that cancer thing... It's a marathon, not a sprint and I'll do my best to be a friend over the long haul.

It's strange to walk and talk about treatments and insurance and side effects. I found there was an odd comfort in it today. Kula is in the stage of "doing something" about her cancer. I remember those as good days - we were battling, Shannon was smiling her way through it. Doctors and nurses and technicians rooting you on at every turn.

We now enter our month of Shannon events, starting this Thursday with HS girls hockey and then Friday and Saturday at the first Shannon Cup weekend. We've also been receiving the Shannon Scholarship applications in the mail. The process begins again, the rhythm of our journey repeating itself.

There is comfort in that, too. We are doing something.

"Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." - Buddha