Thursday February 25, 2016

I watched a friend coach his last game last night, right there in the gym where I played my own high school basketball. Coach Lang, you did it the right way.

I had great coaches growing up. Tennis, basketball and golf were my sports of choice. I loved them all, focusing on whatever season I was in.  Just this week, my high school golf coach passed away. He was a kind soul. Rest in peace, Mr. Wold.

I think about the coaches Erin has, and how important they are to her and her development. It's good to have someone other than your parents rooting for you once in a while. Women and men teaching you how to compete, how to persevere and how to accept winning and losing.

I think about the coaching I still do, teaching tennis to another generation of kids in Rochester. Yes, I have been teaching tennis since 1988... This week, I had the teenage son of boy I taught when he was a teenager himself. Sometimes now when I play against other adults, they are former young students of mine. I've been around the game a long time.

I'm getting excited for my other "coaching" job as the the golf season is approaching. I'll get another chance to work with the Mayo Girls Golf team on a daily basis as a volunteer.

This weekend they'll be no coaching for me, just be a spectating at Erin's volleyball tournament in the Wisconsin Dells. Should be a good time with a great group of girls and parents.

So, if your off to watch your own kid play basketball or hockey this weekend, take a moment to thank the coach. They are there giving their time to your kid. What a gift that is...