Tuesday March 1, 2016

March... ahhh...

March is the signal of spring, even though we are getting a couple of inches of snow today. Warmer temps are just around the corner and golf season is not too far away. Golf season makes all of us happy...

Erin continues to juggle all of her activities - academic, athletic and social. March and April bring some of her busiest months as she tries to finish the off-season volleyball schedule and being the HS golf schedule.

I realize I am going to have to be more efficient at my own job in order to have time to coach golf again this spring. I can do it...

Dan is off to SD this week. He continues to hit the road every week and still seems to be enjoying it. He still gets pumped up about making a big sale...

So, that's the status of life around here. I am grateful to be where we are now in our journey. It's not perfect, but life isn't perfect. It's about riding the ups and downs and gaining wisdom along the way.

Another child in our community was lost to a DIPG brain tumor yesterday. Dammit. That news is what's making me reflective this morning - thinking about where we've been and where we find ourselves today.

I'm grateful to be running a foundation in Shannon's memory. It helps us continue to give meaning to her life.

I'm grateful for a spouse who continues to ride this wave with me. Up or down, we are in it together.

I'm grateful that Erin is succeeding, despite everything she's been through. If scar tissue strengthens you, she is one strong girl. She is still learning what life looks like after Shannon. We all are. Erin is not yet 15, but she knows so much already. Love that kid.

We carry on, like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece. Mostly complete, but never the same.

Today I am thinking about another family starting this journey of grief and loss. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes harsh. I hope they can find comfort and joy along the way. There is beauty, even in the after.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”- Robert Frost