Wednesday January 25, 2017

What should be a day of Erin taking finals has turned into a snow day. Ah, you gotta love Minnesota... or not... My hubby is in Nashville this week at company meetings, so snow removal is my problem today... someday maybe I won't live in these conditions!

I'm grateful today that I can telework... send some emails, shovel some snow, write a script, shovel some snow, etc...

We've been busy with Shannon O'Hara Foundation work, as our Board of Directors met this weekend and chose the 2017 scholarship winners. We're excited to present them on February 4th at the JM vs. Century boys hockey game.

Calling our scholarship winners and telling them they are receiving the award is the most rewarding thing we do. I hope we can do it for a long time...

But before we get to that, we have the Shannon Cup this weekend: 22 teams, with over 300 girls ages 10-12 will be at Graham Arena. It's fun for Dan and I to stay connected with the hockey community and to share our story with another generation of Rochester girls. It is energizing to be around those kids.

We're also excited to roll out some new merchandise... so come see us if you can!

New SOF Merchandise on sale - Saturday 1/28 - 8am-6pm - Graham Arena