Merry Christmas 2012

The rituals of Christmas are upon us and we're doing pretty darn good.  Ms. Erin is helping us stay grateful, stay in the present.  Just like any other year she was keyed up to open gifts on Christmas Eve.  Equally enthused to make sure Jen and I opened gifts from her.
Smiley; new phone case and jammies
Jen, Erin and I tried out a new tradition for Christmas Eve and crashed in on some friends as they celebrated.  Just visiting, enjoying some laughs and drinks.  Nothing heavy.  Just nice.  Not so much about what we have been but what we are today.  That felt right.

We returned to our house around 6 to fire up the fondue pot and the three of us enjoyed steak, potatoes, mini-wieners and crab legs. Erin was happy.  

On Christmas Day we will open our home to family (and anyone else brave enough to stop by).  We will likely take time to reflect more on our celebration with Ms. Shannon a year ago.  There will be tears, but there will be even more laughter.  Laughter and love.  Sounds like Christmas!