Sunday December 16, 2012

Our rollercoaster ride provided us with a few peaks this weekend.  We are all over the map with our emotions and feelings, but we figure if you all are going to listen to us bitch on our bad days, we should share with you the good.  

Saturday we spent the entire day baking and decorating Christmas cookies.  This is a tradition, and it's something I've always looked forward to each year with my girls.  

It was still fun do with my girl, singular.  

Erin loves baking, and we played Christmas music and made a mess of the kitchen.  We've got a lot to show for our efforts:  dozens of frosted sugar cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate covered peanut butter balls. This is dangerous - our will power will be tested around here!   

Of course throughout our baking day, my mind wandered to last year's feeble attempt to keep up this tradition:  Erin and I baked cookies in Memphis with Grandma, while Shannon was vomiting in the other room.

But my mind also wandered to happier memories when the girls were younger and they wanted to "help" with the Christmas baking.  Their "help" sometimes resulted in inaccurate measurements or eggshells ending up in the mix, and you could count on frosting and sprinkles ending up everywhere.  All part of the fun, and such good memories.

Today we went to church, caught up on homework and laundry, and then attended Erin's winter piano recital.  Erin does love learning to play music, and she's got a good vibe with her teacher, Glenna.  

Erin played a rousing rendition Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  She looked poised and mature up there, and we told her we are proud of her.  Erin rolled her eyes and teased us that we'd be proud of her even if she sucked.  We scolded her that she shouldn't talk like that, but she rolled her eyes again and said that's how 7th graders talk.  (By the way, she didn't suck...)  

We got to spend a lot of time with Erin this weekend, and it was nice.  I think that's what she wanted, too, and Dan and I are up for that.

So there was something good in each day.  In all our sadness, it's helpful to recognize those moments that feel good.  A little peace amidst the chaos.

A busy week ahead for all of us.  One day at a time...