Sunday December 9, 2012

A cozy good morning from our winter wonderland.  The season's first snowfall is underway; brown grass has been replaced by fresh white everywhere.  Not a major event in Rochester MN - maybe a couple, three inches by days end - but north and west of here its on-like-Donkey-Kong.  Almost 50 years of living in Minnesota and I still get a thrill out of the season's first snowfall.

Erin and sleepover pal Lexie are up early out playing in the snow.  Inside, warm and smelling of fresh coffee (loving this Trader Joe's New Mexico Pinon), Christmas tree and home.  Feeling grateful.

Feeling grateful maybe because Jen and I saw Flight last night.  Denzel's character Whip Whitaker portrays addiction so completely it made me angry, frustrated, "why can't he just stop?"   The writer of Flight's screenplay had a clear understanding of the disease.  Maybe that's why my sense of gratitude is heightened this morning.  A powerful film, no doubt.

Jen's roller-coaster week took another dip Saturday.  She was supposed to be on a girls weekend in Michigan.  But Jen's pal Teri called just a few hours before departure, so sick she was barely able to scratch out the words "I'm sick".  File that cancellation under the "out-of-our-control"column.

Things out-of-our control.  God's will.  Acceptance.  Got it.  No confusion here.  Now stop.

Instead of flying to Michigan, Jen hung with me and Erin at the Mayo 9th grade boys basketball game.  These are Shannon's class of 2016 mates and they are honoring her with her #9 on the back of their team warm ups.

Maybe, that's why I'm grateful today.  You people won't let us forget.