The Big C

Well, no reason to beat around the bush - the call from my surgeon today confirmed that I have DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ, which means cancerous cells were present inside the milk duct.  In situ means "in it's place" which explains that the cancer is contained and not invasive.  This is good.  This is the earliest form of breast cancer, and the most treatable.  If you're going to get breast cancer, this is the one to get!

I joke, but of course, we are all a bit rattled.

The standard course of treatment for this type of cancer is a lumpectomy, which I've already had, plus radiation therapy.  There are some choices to be made, and things to discuss with the doctors, which will happen later this week or early next week.  If radiation is done, it won't start for a few weeks to give the surgical site a chance to heal.

So, that's what we know at this point.

OK, can 2012 end already?  PLEASE?!?!

Happy New Year, everyone.