January 6, 2013

January Sixth will always be this family's D-Day.  I'm not sure how we will commemorate it going forward, but today was spent with family, friends and fellow parishioners celebrating 9:30 mass at St. John the Evangelist.  And it just felt right.

Fr. Mahon acknowledged the anniversary and Jen's breast cancer diagnosis but also thoughtfully spoke of other parish families experiencing challenges and triumphs. Jen, Erin and I were proud - once again - to present the gifts for consecration.  Fr. Mahon was sensitive to sharing too much information about us at a public mass but we write a blog that is closing in on a million page views and don't really have too many closely held family secrets.  So why not?

After a quick brunch together with family , Jen, Erin and I said our goodbyes and came home to chill together.  Just the nuclear fam.  Some NFL playoff football, some Food Channel Celebrity Cook Off and some time together.  Lovely.  Comfortable and fun.

And while Jen and I have chosen to journal quite publicly over the past 21 months, Ms. Erin has mostly been private with her thoughts and grieving.  That is until today when she offered the following to her Facebook friends - and today Erin Irene O'Hara posts for all of us:

"One year ago you went to heaven. One year ago we realized how much we would miss you. One year ago you lost your hardest battle. Everyday you are somehow remembered. We still go to the rinks and see your friends fighting like you used to. We would all give everything to have you back over there. I remember going out and playing in the snow. Our sledding and snowmen. You were my best friend and I was yours. I miss hearing you yell at the vikings on tv. I miss watching you play hockey. I miss us making fun of each other. I miss the late nights watching disney. I miss us fighting like normal sisters. I miss watching good luck charlie together. I miss never being bored with you. I miss your imagination. But most of all, I miss you. I love you Shannon Anne O'Hara. You were our left wing, 4 10" fighter. ♥"