Wednesday January 2, 2013

Today was back to the routine.  After 11 days of sleeping in, Erin was none to eager to hop on that bus at 6:45am.  But she did it.

Dan had it worse, having to leave on New Year's Day to be in position in Milwaukee for early morning meetings today.  Off and running again, same as it ever was.

I spent my time healing, resting, and thinking.

Tomorrow I will have appointments with Dr. Pruthi in the breast clinic, my surgeon, Dr. Boughey, and a radiation consult with Dr. Laack.  Yes, Shannon's radiation oncologist, Dr. Laack.  This is my choice to see her - I trust her, and there is a comfort level already established.  That outweighs the painful memories for me.  No question.

So, more information will be gathered tomorrow.  Knowledge is power.

Erin was not wanting to do her homework this afternoon, and she looked at me and said, "Why does our life suck so much?"  Ouch.  And, by the way, Erin says suck whenever she wants to these days!

But, much like getting on the school bus, Erin managed to do her homework as well.  Then it was off to piano and, with the Christmas carols behind us, time to pick a new song to master.

Erin chose "Tomorrow" from the musical, Annie.  Girl after my own heart.  She came home and immediately started practicing it.  Today ended better than it started.

When you are singing Broadway show tunes, life doesn't suck.

When I'm stuck with a day 
that's gray 
and lonely 
I just stick out my chin 
and grin 
and say
The sun will come out