Saturday August 24, 2013

The weekend is here.  Dan has returned from Detroit, and today Erin and I are off to a baby shower for cousin Maggie.  It will be fun to see the O'Hara women and celebrate the impending birth of Erin's first cousin, once removed.

Today will cap off what has been a good week for Erin.  It was schedule pick up this week at Willow Creek and Erin's 8th grade year is going to be a good one.  She has a lot of friends in her section, which means they get to eat lunch together.  Obviously, lunch is the best chance to socialize, so it is very important that you get to eat lunch with your buddies!

Erin also got the team of teachers she wanted, including a few that had Shannon during her fateful 8th grade year.  This is the first time all summer that Erin has shown any excitement about 8th grade, so I think that's progress.

Pre-season volleyball is winding down this week, too.  The 3 1/2 hour practices are coming to a close, and next week the games begin.  Before the season can start, though, you've got to have picture day.  So, courtesy of Matt Addington Photography, here's my little 8th grader, ready to represent the Mayo Spartans...